MONDO is the spike in the system.  We are the resistance to the status quo. Mondo represents a new approach to fly fishing gear.  One that fuses art, color and high performance with rods & reels, without having a premium price.

Mondo wants to blow up fly fishing stereotypes. We believe rods can have custom colors, without ridiculous prices. We’re reinventing and reimagining reel aesthetics by collaborating with artists, designers and photographers to make gear more expressive. No clichés, more fun. That’s what we do.

Most importantly, we want fly fishing to become approachable and accessible for everyone… because once you’ve experienced the sport, the exhilaration will hook you.

Mondo gear is designed to inspire. To let you express yourself in both the gear and in the fishing experience. It is designed to perform flawlessly. It’s not expensive. We design gear that allows you to…


Mondo. The Fly Fishing Resistance.