Artist Collaborations: The marriage of art and fly reel.

The fly-fishing industry, like too many things in the world, has become corporate. Commercialized clichés and mass production zap passion, quality and expression from gear that is an extension of the fishing experience, as well as ourselves.  Mondo was born to form a unique counter culture and attitude in the fishing world. One that gives people a chance to participate in a challenging yet approachable, timeless human experience… while expressing and supporting the artistic elements of our soul.

The Mondo approach to fly-fishing infuses design, art and photography with a singular outdoor experience. An experience that is equal parts cerebral and physical. Equal parts autonomous and social. As fishing inspires our oneness with nature, art inspires and captures our imagination. We see those things as a marriage, working perfectly together.  We see those things coming together in what we call, ‘the art of fly fishing.’

MONDO – The Art of Fly Fishing from Mondo Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

The Mondo philosophy is simple. Give imaginative, groundbreaking artists a unique canvas to express themselves, in their own way.  We understand art should transcend rules and corporate filters. Art is expression, in pure form. It’s about seeing the world through fresh, inventive eyes that move us and create more depth.

Our first collaboration is with the artist Sket One.

Sket One has created two designs that fuse directly to our Brilliant Silver and Black Ops reels, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of gear.  A high performance reel that stands out and performs even better.

The Mondo Sket One Face &  The Mondo Sket One Splash

We have a deep respect the individual voice of the artist. In developing collaborations, our goal is to give an artist the space to create. We don’t  tamper with an artist’s vision or sensibilities. We just frame theme in a cool way.  To that end, we’re working with artists to develop new gear aesthetics.  The goal is to produce high performance gear that is affordable and original, priced to encourage participation, not unapproachable exclusivity. Minimal hype and industry jargon, simply keeping the focus on creativity and the experience of fishing… because things like art and fishing should be experienced, not just packaged and sold.

We welcome artists interested in collaborating with Mondo to get in touch with us.