Jarad “Dingo” Boshammer

Mondo Guide Crew

Alright, what’s happening Dingo? What have you been up to?

The last 20 years I have been globe trotting for giant Marlins.

Now I’m settled down in Jupiter Florida. I feel at home in this small fishing town nestled on and around the loxahatchee river.

I’ve travelled to a lot of very cool destinations but none seem better for me to raise a family on and around the water.

I spent a couple years researching what type of boat would best suit the water I have access to and for my style of fishing. The result was clear, building a customised Chittum Islamorada 18ft flats boat and start up my guiding operation. 

We had a chance to come down to Jupiter area and go for a dig on that amazing new Chittum Skiff of yours.  How does it feel to be rolling in one of the smoothest driest skiffs available?

My stoke level is at an all time high all of the time. I’ve spent my entire life on the water and fished on just about every thing available. No boat has ever given me this much enjoyment. It is an absolute weapon and such a pleasure to fish from. Even months after taking possession, I’m beyond stoked with how well this boat handles and fishes.

After spending the majority of your fishing career on the reef off the coast of your home country Australia and cruising around the world chasing the biggest fish in the ocean, has it been difficult transitioning to an inshore light tackle/fly centric discipline?

Not really. My background before blue water was flats fishing in Australia and my heart lies deep in the back country in skinny water. I’ve come full circle and get far more satisfaction polling my Chittum onto unsuspecting quarry in shallow water. Throwing bugs at big fish in skinny water is wear I want to be.

We understand that you’ve been spending quite a bit of time uncovering the Peacock Bass fisheries in you area.  Are you hoping to target Peacock Bass with your growing client base?

Yes. I’m very fortunate to have an abundance of cool sport fish within driving distance.  In particular, the Peacock Bass are easily within range of my home base. Less than an hour drive and we can be throwing gurglers at those beautiful looking exotic’s from South America. They are aggressive, fight hard, jump and eat top water flies. Some days it is hard to decide what species to target ; this is so much variety. Fortunately I’m based right in the middle of many cool places.

You’ve had the chance to target so many different species throughout your career; what species remain that you’d love to get a shot at?

Golden Dorado from Argentina would probably be at the top of my wish list.

When are you going get up here to chase some trout in our zone?  We need to get you tying blood knots with 5x tippet!

Mate, I would love to get up your way and throw flies at trout! There is not much more therapeutic than fishing dry flies for trout! They almost always live in beautiful places and are so much fun to catch. I definitely need to remind myself not to strip set, it takes me a couple attempts not to break them off on those light tippets.

Vegemite? or Peanut Butter and Jelly?

Definitely Vegemite!