Josh Checkeroski

Mondo Guide Crew

What’s happening?  Rumor has it you got married this last fall…

Yep, totally got married to an awesome, smoking hot girl! Paulina and I are super excited to be starting our life adventure together. Hopefully on the beach.

Well it sounds likeYou spent a few weeks camping on the beach in Mexico last spring, tell us how that was?

It was a lot of fun.  Chillin’ in a small town, sleeping in a tent and chasing Perms!  It’s a bad to the bone game my friend.  I was lucky to have a crew of buddies filter in and out while I was there. We fished every day.  We spent most of our time trying to keep a paddle board “business side up” in croc infested water while chasing tarpon, or fishing beaches for Permit.  Amazing fishing and Great food, what’s not to love?

Are you planning to make that trip to Mexico every winter?

Of course, I’d love to keep going back to Mexico, however there’s so much water to fish. Not only in the Caribbean but the world. I think I’d like to check out Venezuela.  Perhaps, Christmas Island and eventually the Seychelles. Don’t get me wrong, camping in Mexico definitely holds a warm fuzzy place in my heart.  Don’t you worry, I’ll be back down soon.

You’ve mentioned that you’re working on your captain’s license in hopes of starting a guide career in South Florida/The Keys.  When are you hoping to start cutting your teeth in that game?

I am!  Time to move on to the big time!  Flats boats, beaches, Poon and Perms! I plan to start this winter, getting the lay of the land and paying some dues. I hear the local guides, love to “help” a new guy pay dues.

Oh Snap!  Can We be the first Googans on the bow of your skiff?

Absolutely.  You can be the first kooks to trout set a tarpon, Just bring some of those MONDO fresh 8wts and 10wts!

Are you going to focus on Permit? Or are you going to take what the sea gives you?

At this point, I’ll be happy to take what the sea gives me. I’d love to just focus on Permit, in the same way you and I would like to just focus on rising brown trout that are 20 inches plus.  However, we all know it doesn’t work that way.  I love fishing for just about anything that will eat a fly.  I’m not picky.  Most of the time.

Well, Joshua, don’t forget about the little people in Trout land, when you become a world famous Permit guide. 

Don’t you worry, champ!  I’ll be around and you can always count on me to keep my ego in check!