What’s your full name?
Blake Anthony Hunter

Can you give us a quick snapshot about yourself?
Im just a fortunate guy who grew up in Lake Tahoe taking advantage of my surroundings.  I feel bad for people who don’t enjoy the great outdoors.

We understand that you guide on the Truckee River, that’s a tough piece of water…
Some say the hardest fishery in the U.S… and well, certain times of the year I agree.  The Truckee keeps you humble and that’s what fly fishing should be all about.

What are the details if somebody wanted to get in touch with you for a day on the water?

But I prefer phone calls: (530) 523-3018

Now for the relevant questions…. 

Would you say you’re more into Aggressive Inline skating or Razor Scootering?
A younger me would say Razoring. But times have changed and I’m much more of an Aggressive Inline Skater kind of guy these days

Ski or Snowboard?
Surf the earth brah