What’s your full name?
Earl Jay Christensen

Can you give us a quick snapshot about yourself and your art?
I grew up in Reno, NV and now live in Truckee, CA splitting my time between fishing, my art, and shredding snow. I enjoy working in acrylics, watercolor, digitally, and pen & ink.

What brands have you worked with in an artistic capacity?
Arcade Belts, Tahoe Board Co., Reno Flyshop, Praxis Skis, Jonezen, Tyde Music

Who has influenced your art most?
Too many people to name. I’ve really been on a Ken Taylor kick lately. I like how he brings a really detailed pen & ink look to his digital work.

If somebody wanted to track you down on The Interwebs where would they need to go?
Website: http://www.EarlJam.com

Instagram Handle: @EarlJam82 

How did you get connected with the kooks from Mondo?
We chatted on Instagram, but really got to know each other on a nice fall day in Idaho throwing streamers in 50mph winds.

What’s the fly fishing scene like in your area (Truckee River/Pyramid Lake)?
Fishing in our area took a hit from the drought we went through, but thanks to last winter it has rebounded pretty well. I mainly fish the Truckee river and some of its tributaries. We are fortunate to have quite a bit of fishing within a few hours drive, and of course I have to put Pyramid Lake in there as well.

Any suggestions for finding giants on the Truckee River?
The Truckee is a pretty humbling river, but it offers the opportunity to catch some amazing fish. I pretty much “High Stick” unless I’m throwing streamers or the rare opportunity to throw dries. Stone and a baetis, or a worm will pretty much get the job done year round.