joseph davies


What’s your full name?
Joseph Andrew Davies

Can you give us a quick snapshot of yourself? Where you’re from? What’s your sign? Favorite place to eat?

Well, I am 36, a Libra and according to the Chineese, I was born in the year of the Cock.  I grew up in Wisconsin, but it was obvious from the early age that I was destined to be in the mountains and travel the world!  I am at home in the mountains or on the river.  My passions are backcountry skiing, Surfing and obviously Fly Fishing!  The best meal I have ever had was at La Bernardine in NYC.

We understand that you’re the Coach for the Australian Aerials Ski Team. That’s pretty sick! Tells us what led you to this spot in your career.

I moved to New Zealand when I was 24, I made a conscious decision to choose occupations that brought out passion in me.  I was a professional skier and on the US Ski Team when I was young and I am rather competitive, so coaching was a logical fit.  It is inspiring to be constantly surrounded by such amazing, motivated people.

Where is the dumpiest place you’ve had to lay your head while traveling to for ski comps?

Hands down, Belarus.  We stayed in a Hotel so gnarly that I slept in my ski clothes with a hood pulled up over my head… just brutal… and the food was gnarly too!

Most influential person in your career?

Easily my Father.  He has supported me through everything, not matter how crazy my ideas and motivations were. That poor guy has been put through the ringer but he has always had my back.  He taught me not to be afraid of anything and not take ….  from anybody!

What plans do you have for the future?

I have always said, I will never be surprised if I am doing something wildly different every few years.  But, Fly Fishing has taken over my life.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I am doing something in the industry in the near future!

Rockered Rossis or Glenn Plake 210 Straights?

Easy, Glen Plake 210s.  I was obsessed with him as a kid and am fortunate enough to call him a friend now.

Wakeboard or AirChair?

Probably the AirChair.  Only because I have never done it and I see too many blown-out  knees on a wakeboard.  I’ve had 2 knee surgeries and will likely need another.

Sour Patch Kids or Swedish fish or Haribo Gummy Bears?

Swedish of course! They are my go to snack on the river.