Ross Downard


What’s happening Ross? How was your winter ski/ski photography season?  

It left a lot to be desired!  Winters have been getting worse and worse… that’s why I find myself drawn more and more to the fly fishing world.  You can fish all year!

We’ve discussed quite a bit about your career as a professional ski photographer and your passion for fly fishing; how hyped are you to grow and diversify your photography portfolio into saltwater fly fishing?

Oh man, like I said, winters are getting worse.  I am hoping the saltwater world will fill in some gaps in current business.  Saltwater fly fishing has blown my mind.  I cant wait to really put it in front of my lens and see what images i can create.

Do you have any specific goals for your fly fishing photography?  Specific species you’d like to target? Locations you have your eyes set on for the perfect shot?

My goals have always been to grow and advance my creative capacities.  Trophies for the walls are always cover shots for magazines.  It seems that with media being so disposable these days, a cover shot lives on forever.  I’ve never given much thought to species targeting or locations for that matter.   I pretty much down for what ever comes my way.

You’re coming to Belize with us this winter, right?  We need to get that 10wt back in your hand!

I’ve learned that  whatever the Mondo guys scheme up for adventure you just say yes.  HaHa!  Slinging those big rods is an entirely different game.  I love it!

Do you have any specific goals as a fly fishermen you’re hoping to accomplish over the next 12-18 months?

I feel like I’ve become a pretty well rounded angler.  Mostly thanks to being exposed to so many great anglers.  My goal seems to be always finding monster fish where you least expect them. There are a handful of high mountain streams that I know hold giants.  I will be putting in the work to chase these big boys. Also, I’m hoping to stack some experience on the oars in a drift boat.  If you know how to row, it seems you get more invites to float!  Count me in!

Is it a kosher move to roll cast dry flies?

Come on Buds!  Don’t get me started.